IMS Srl is glad to report the date set for the final exam of the Level II Master “Process Development for the Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients” (PRO-API): Friday 22 April at 9:00 am

The exam will take place in the Aula Magna of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Perugia and it will be possible to participate in presence or even remotely, following the instructions published on the event website

Among the co-supervisors of the II level Master “Process Development for the Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients”, Dr. Luca Macchi – Quality Control Manager IMS Srl Micronizations.

The PRO API Master is the 1st italian master completely dedicated to the API sector and in this second edition it involved graduate students in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology and aimed at training highly specialized figures in the production of active ingredients.

IMS Srl has placed itself as one of the most referenced interlocutors on the subject and also this year had the opportunity to introduce the history of the company to young students about to enter the world of work, bringing direct and concrete testimonies of their work .

Below is the official press release from the University of Perugia.

Highlighted among the candidates for the final exam of the Master is Dr. Maurizio Sabia with “Development and validation of a new method of particle size analysis for metoclopramide hydrochloride”.

Dr. Maurizio Sabia was hired by IMS Srl Micronizations in October 2021.

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