Gratification and satisfaction for the employees of IMS Srl Micronization

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26 July 2022

Gratification and satisfaction for the employees of IMS Srl Micronization

This is what has come to light from the satisfaction questionnaire filled out by the staff of the Milan-based company specialized in the field of micronization of active ingredients and excipients.

An internal survey conducted among all employees of Ims Srl Micronization through a satisfaction questionnaire revealed significant and satisfactory data.

One of the opinions that everyone agreed on is that the job is rewarding and challenging but not stressful. There was also the common idea of working in a company that places great importance on worker and workplace safety and in which everyone’s opinion is considered important, with great emphasis on the opportunity to grow professionally.

32 employees were involved: they responded to the 11 questions in the questionnaire, which were designed to learn about everyone’s opinions and draw inspiration to improve and facilitate an increasingly stimulating and purposeful work environment.

Let us get into the substance of the questionnaire by analyzing the results and percentages.

69% of employees consider their work very meaningful while 31% find it quite meaningful. This result is followed by 51% who described it as very challenging and 49% as quite challenging.

Regarding stress levels, calculated over a typical work week, 6% of workers do not feel stressed, 63% sometimes, 25% rarely, and only 6% always.

55% of employees say that they work for a company that places a lot of importance on worker and workplace safety, 42% quite a bit, and only 3% a little.

On the other hand, considering the value of collaboration and personal thoughts, 13% say that their opinion on their work matters a lot to co-workers, enough for 72%, little for 9%, and nothing at all for 6%.

To the question “how often do your assigned activities allow you to grow professionally?”, 33% answered always, 51% sometimes, and 16% rarely.

While remaining on professional growth, 13% highlight that they always have an opportunity for growth within their workplace, 54% sometimes, 23% rarely, and 10% never.

60% would not look for a different job outside the company, 27% responded with a maybe, and 13% mentioned the possibility.

There are also excellent results regarding workplace relationships: 34% are absolutely satisfied, 36% are satisfied, 27% are fairly satisfied, and 3% are not satisfied at all.

Finally, there was a dedicated space for some food for thought and suggestions for improvements. They were asked about the possibility of changing something in their work.

58% would not change anything, 19% said that they would change «schedules», 7% «colleagues», and the remaining 16% responded with «other», specifying, for example, «more communication between departments and more collaboration».

IMS SRL Micronization wants to give voice to all the people who make up the company with their daily work and contribution.

Only in this way it is possible to continue to grow in an atmosphere of constructive and collaborative confrontation, a fundamental engine for a successful business.

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