simposio afi 2021
2 August 2021


As in previous editions, IMS Micronization is one of the main sponsors of the AFI Symposium 2021.

For the second consecutive year, due to the long-lasting pandemic, the important congress that involves many of the most relevant companies of the pharmaceutical industry on an international scale will take place online through webinars.

In particular, IMS Srl supported a webinar in the Quality Session whose theme was “Quality Risk Management in the Life Cycle of Pharmaceutical Products”, which took place on Thursday, July 1 and Monday, July 5.

The theme, Quality Risk Management, is current and represents one of the tools for developing the quality of an active pharmaceutical ingredient or a drug. Additionally, it helps to choose priority activities, supporting the decisions even in case of unfavorable events.

This meaningful sponsorship represents another significant step of the numerous commitments made by IMS both in associative and academic settings.

The multi-year IMS history is the testimony of these commitments from 1973, the year of its constitution, along with the well-defined growth not only in terms of quality system but also structural system. The start of the extension work of the manufacturing site is indeed the signal of proper management awareness regarding the importance of evaluating new businesses plus the even more considerable support in terms of research and development for our potential clients.

The new construction that will include, other than ISO 7 clean rooms, an R&D department and a new laboratory, will be built on a 500 square meter area and conform to the highest technological standards of usability and energy efficiency.

«A new turning point», as described by the IMS General Manager Elena Marangoni.

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