Talent in Action

Elena Marangoni

Elena Marangoni, IMS General Manager, presents herself together with some of her employees, the heart and soul of the company that puts teamwork in the center of its business.

IMS MICRONIZATIONS SRL is a well-known company from Milan that specializes in the micronization of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. Its success comes from commitment, work, dedication and obviously from the human component, the real driving force behind research and development.

Because of this, we created the column “Talent in Action” to present the personalities, although just a few, that are part of the IMS big family.

The first one to “take the field” is Elena Marangoni herself, IMS GM, who guides us through the company history, telling us anecdotes and unforgettable moments, from the very beginning when Salvatore Marangoni, her father, started the company.

« In January 1973, my father, helped by his business partner, started his adventure with IMS. A story to be told in which we have been on the market for over 48 years. I joined in 2003, almost on tiptoes, but, soon later, in 2008, I became Sales Office Manager. I slowly started to take on more and more responsibilities, from special waste management to ISO. The official transfer of power happened in 2011. Up until my father worked in the company, he was in charge of customer relationship management.

In 2016, after his passing, I officially took over the leadership role of the company. I had to learn many new things in different fields. I remember with excitement the moment I understood that he was going to hand down his power to me: soon after receiving a call from a client, my father replied with “Now I’ll pass you the General Manager” while referring to me.
With that sentence, he let me know that it was time for me to take the wheel.

My empathy, which has always defined me, has been a great help. In particular, in the management of employees and clients. Change, as we know, is always seen with a certain degree of concern.
From the start, I tried to promote, as my father did before me, teamwork so that every employee could realize their talent potential in addition to their professionalism.

It is fundamental to facilitate discussion and dialogue to achieve results together, everyone with their responsibility.

Our motto is “We can play your game”. Because of this, we try to meet everyone halfway and adapt to every client request in the spirit of cooperation.

Since the very beginning, in my work, I have tried to focus on the relationships with clients and the associations we collaborate with, making myself known personally, with direct contacts to build real, solid and trustworthy relationships.

The development of our company has enhanced trust between our employees and our clients. Because of it, there was an increase of shifts and, consequently, this new set-up incentivized salary growth. Moreover, the business boom, which is still happening, has allowed us to hire new employees.

I truly believe in industrial development and I think it’s important to invest where is possible. At the moment, we are building a new production area that I hope will soon be ready to use.

This year, we decided to invest in a photovoltaic system to promote a more green economy approach.

If I say IMS, I think of team strength and customer service. Without it, we wouldn’t live».

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