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Riccardo Cassotti

Riccardo Cassotti – Plant Manager and Qualified Person

Riccardo Cassotti, Plant Manager and Qualified Person, is part of the IMS MICRONIZATIONS team since 2016. However, his relationship with the company started way earlier as a client:

«Between IMS and I, there’s something more than just a simple work relationship.

At IMS, I have two roles thanks to the valuable experience that I have gained in my 30-year career: firstly, I oversee the technical management where I use my system engineering knowledge, and secondly but as important, I’m a Qualified Person which means that I am the guarantor of the quality system regulations of IMS.

Working for IMS means to me that I can develop an interdisciplinary learning path, also thanks to the knowledge of the younger people. The team has a captain, but not necessarily a goal scorer. This is what team spirit is

Our clients are the ones that judge the degree of professionalism of our company through their positive feedbacks.

I think that the Walt Disney quote: “You’ll never have good relationships with your clients if you don’t have good relationships with your employees” perfectly explains how we work at IMS.

A moment that I always remember with pleasure is the event “Open Factories”, organized in 2018 for the 45th anniversary of IMS MICRONIZATIONS SRL. I was pleasantly surprised by the active participation of our clients, showing us support and trust.

Another natural strength of IMS is the sharing of everyone’s expertise. I think this is fundamental for the development of the company and the growth of every single employee.

In a company such as IMS, thanks to the help of Elena Marangoni, we tried to have a horizontal organization that establishes the division of responsibility, starting from the people at the top, that share the weight of specific choices or decisions even with single operators in the production department.

If I say IMS, I think of family, even though it may seem predictable or insignificant. The air that we breathe is familiar, full of understanding when we try to solve the problems that come up». 

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