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Michele Urso Russo

Michele Urso Russo, Quality Assurance Manager e second QP

Michele Urso Russo, who joined the company in 2016, tells us how his work at IMS MICRONIZATIONS SRL started in an unexpected way:

« I will never forget the day of my first interview. The start wasn’t great because I arrived late, dirty and sweaty after my car had broken down just a few kilometers from the meeting point. Luckily, after that difficult moment, things went a lot better and I managed to become part of the team.

I am the quality assurance manager. I coordinate various activities to guarantee that the products and the processes meet quality, security and efficacy standards stated in the regulatory requirements.

It may seem complicated but we need to consider that we are a pharmaceutical company so we are required to produce drugs that are suitable for their intended use because we cannot put our patient’s health in danger. Because of this, we have to achieve high-quality standards.

What we do in our office is set up a series of measures that help us reach these high-quality standards.

I was welcomed by IMS with no preconception considering that my start was not the best. This behavior, based on mutual exchange between employees and clients, has continued. This allows me to say that working for IMS is, without a doubt, a positive experience.

At IMS we promote cooperation between different departments and, as a consequence, we also have this collaborative aspect with our clients. We try to satisfy the expectations of the clientele and, to do so, we meticulously pay attention to the quality of the product. But we also focus our attention on the regulatory aspect and the health of our patients.

The commitment to meet the standards, the collaboration, listening skills, and the possibility to increase our cultural baggage bring a series of benefits and, to me, all these describe professionalism.

Since we work for others, the quality of the service we provide to our clients is a matter of great importance. Therefore, the company is organized in a way that satisfies the client request in the shortest time possible while keeping the quality of the products high for both the client and the final patient.

If I say IMS, I think of the place where I’m investing in myself, perfecting my problem-solving skills and my critical thinking. It is the first time in my professional life in which I have had such an important role. At IMS, I can see various aspects of my field which I find very stimulating».

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