Talent in Action

Luca Macchi

Luca Macchi, Quality Control Manager

Luca Macchi, Quality Control Manager, tells us his experience at IMS MICRONIZATIONS SRL. After working for a big company, he joined a smaller one where the human component and the value of each individual are the basis of everyday work:

«Quality control is the laboratory that verifies how the manufacture is going, that the final product satisfies the requests of the clients, without obviously overlooking the regulation. What we do here is perform analysis.

My journey at IMS started in 2018.

I remember with great pleasure that, shortly after my arrival, the company organized the event “Open Factories” to celebrate the 45 years of the business.

It was the perfect opportunity to present our work, to explain and show what we do every day to the people participating. A sharable moment, enjoyable and educational, that received positive feedback.

I arrived at IMS after my work experience in a big company that had a rigid hierarchy. Because of this, in that context, people had to stay in their own spaces, so they were unable to share their work with other sectors or fields. Almost always, you work for your boss that tells you exactly what to do and takes full responsibility.

Here, on the other hand, the people in charge of the various areas carry out teamwork, promoting interaction, entering collectively into the business management. Unfortunately, the pandemic state of emergency, from this point of view, did not help us and, in some ways, it has interfered with our work method.

Luckily, right now, some restrictions are less strict, and we are gradually starting to get back to our sharing methods that have always characterized IMS work.

My work experience at IMS is challenging: I have to personally reply to the client, to the inspector, to put myself in the game and share my merit and responsibility.

If I say IMS, I think of a team».

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