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Andrea Canarini

Andrea Canarini, operator assigned to the micronization of active pharmaceutical ingredients

Today Andrea tells us about his experience in IMS SRL MICRONIZZAZIONI.

“My experience in IMS began in summer 2020. I was immediately included in the production group with a lot of professionalism and respect.

I found everyone’s willingness to teach me the job and I remember the excitement and tension of the first day of work and how I was warmly welcomed despite being a new resource for the company.

Specifically, my job involves the processing then the micronization of active ingredients.

It’s a very important job that requires due attention, precision and cleanliness in all phases of product processing. A lot of seriousness is taken in compliance with the regulations and procedures to be followed with a focus on product and operator safety.

High standards must always be maintained to obtain a result that fully satisfies the customer’s needs.

From the first day in Ims I immediately realized that I was working in a company with a strong team spirit and collaboration between colleagues and different production sectors.

I came from a work experience in a multinational where we were considered only as numbers, I immediately understood the strength of Ims: the strong team spirit that distinguishes it and makes it very competitive on the market.

Ims, in my opinion, is a solidly structured company.
The management, the technical management, the administration, the production, the laboratory and the warehouse meet every day to try to always give their best.

Each department assumes its own responsibilities but always communicating and in agreement with other colleagues from different departments thus creating an excellent working synergy. This is our strength, we are all very united and we try to meet even the most demanding customers always keeping the standard very high and trying to be as available and flexible as possible.

If I say Ims I think of a big family where respect and the human side are the foundations ».

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Operator assigned to the micronization of active pharmaceutical ingredients

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