56 ° Symposium AFI – Rimini 8-9-10 June 2016

30 May 2016

56 ° Symposium AFI – Rimini 8-9-10 June 2016

56 ° Symposium AFI – IMS Micronizzazioni Stand 96

this year IMS also Micronizzazioni will attend AFI Symposium on 8, 9 and June 10 at booth no. 96

This is the list of exhibitors of the 56th AFI Symposium.

This year participating in the Symposium AFI many colleagues high prestige as the event was considered a point of reference for knowing and excellent and important personalities from the pharmaceutical sector.

Among the participants of the AFI Symposium, we quote:
• The Dr. Ornella Barra, well known in the pharmaceutical world, from Italy to the United States, which has acquired a power and an exceptional reputation;
• Dr. Massimo Scaccia that for the third time (= 6 years) holds the position of President of Farmindustria and Prof. Mario Melazzini Chairman of the Agency of Medicine, both known personalities in the pharmaceutical sector and beyond.

HERE you can watch the program of the symposium AFI.

AFI (Association of Pharmaceutical Industry) is a scientific society founded in 1960 among graduates in pharmacy, chemistry and pharmaceutical technology, life sciences, engineering and medicine or having the equivalent title, which perform or have explicate their paid employment and self-employed in the pharmaceutical and / or nutraceutical, the Universities, the Scientific Institutes, in public institutions and enterprises or companies supplying goods and services for the pharmaceutical industry. May also be associated graduates in other disciplines provided that at issue have their paid employment or self-employed in industry and in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. They may be associated companies and supplier firms of goods and services for the pharmaceutical, chemical, dietary, food and related or complementary sectors, as well as persons in the same sectors, working in the national health service even in professional free regime.

This our stand the Symposium Afi 2015

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