During the COVID-19 emergency, our first priority is the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, partners with whom we collaborate daily, continuing to serve our customers and preserving the strength of our business.
Our thoughts are for those directly affected by the virus and we wish to express our sincere gratitude to those who are at the forefront of national efforts to fight the virus.

Just to honor the sacrifices of those who have been affected and of those who fight for us every day, IMS has established since the beginning of the emergency all the rules for compliance with the regulations of the guidelines applicable to our business in the following way:

  • Information to all workers and anyone who enters the company about the provisions of the Authorities regarding hygiene and safety behaviors;
  • Minimization of access for visitors and suppliers;
  • Company cleaning and sanitization ensured and implemented;
  • The company provides hand cleaners and personal protective equipment;
  • Access to common areas is limited and with reduced parking time;
  • Use of shifts in production and agile work where possible;
  • Corporate meetings are not allowed, but remote connections, interpersonal distancing is guaranteed in the offices;
  • An insurance policy was stipulated against Coronavirus for all employees, which provides for indemnities for hospitalization, convalescence in the event of infection by COVID-19;
  • In the May paycheck, a bonus will be given to all employees who guaranteed continuity of work in March and April by supporting the company business.

These actions ensure that our employees are taking necessary precautions to safeguard personal safety, while allowing us to continue to serve our customers. We are working hard to continue the supply of product and to be able to provide accurate information for our customers. We appreciate your patience as we, and the global community, navigate this evolving situation.