IMS Srl Micronizzazioni Quality first of all.

Since 1973 integrated services in the treatment of APIs and Excipients for the Pharmaceutical Industry

IMS offers integrated services in the treatment of APIs and excipients for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The company IMS  has extensive experience in the field of active ingredients and excipients micronization , with a large  portfolio of non-european and european customers.

In order to achieve the improvement of its  quality standards, the company is periodically inspected by the Italian Drug Agency  (AIFA) and by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
IMS is accredited in Japan at PMDA and approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) Administration.
The company is also certified ISO 9001:2015

Which is the secret of my Team?

Our real strength comes from the experience and skills of the people who make up our team.

In IMS Srl  we boast a team of specialized operators and expert technicians, united by a vast and heterogeneous working background.

We put our individual talents at the service of the team because we know that only  working together we can achieve the same goa of our customers : We can Play your Game

The services we carry out are the sum and synthesis of our personalities:

Professionalism, quality of results, respect for deadlines, safety.

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IMS Micronizzazione – New production site in Milan

IMS Srl Micronizations has officially started construction work for the expansion of the production site in Milan.

The investment will allow IMS Srl to undertake new businesses and increasingly consolidate its presence in the field of solid state chemistry both in the production field but also, and above all, in research and development.

In fact, the new building will host, in addition to clean rooms in ISO 7 class, an R&D department and a new laboratory, it will extend over a total area of about 500 square meters and will comply with the highest technological, usability and energy efficiency standards. .

“A new turning point and not the closure of a cycle, aimed at further evolutions”
Elena Marangoni – General Manager IMS 

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Virtual Tour – IMS Micronizzazioni

Confirming the profound changes taking place in the Pharmaceutical Industry 4.0, IMS’s website also expands with advanced digital features, including the virtual visit to the Milan labs.

Visit our laboratories and discover the hidden contents …

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Our customers say about us

Our work is based on the strong belief that a satisfied customer is the irrefutable proof of an excellent service.
Here are some testimonials from customers who have decided to entrust us with the micronization of active ingredients and excipients for the pharmaceutical industry.

Flexibility in meeting customer needs is much appreciated.

We have known each other since the last millennium and I must say that it has always been a pleasure to deal with you especially for a “cultural” discourse that distinguishes you from a cold business contact.

The professionalism is very high, the friendliness and attention to the customer too. The promptness in meeting the customer’s needs is exceptional.
The technical team is led to collaborate with the fees of the API companies which leads to achieving the goal, even where the end customer is difficult.
As a point of (venial) improvement: greater attention to the analytical part.

Very helpful and reliable. Get speedy responses back when communicating.

Advice is difficult to give because I consider IMS well organized in its complex of departments (commercial, logistics, administration, production), so the processes we require almost always meet our expectations in terms of quality and timing of consolidated products.
Here perhaps we will need to better test your ability in the future on any new projects and new products.
We hope for both companies to have new and stimulating ones.

Extreme collaboration and flexibility in adapting to customer requests that give added value to strategic suppliers.

I positively evaluate the support received from Dr. Macchi to help us interpret the results of the particle size tests.

I must say that the relationship with Elena is very good, her professionalism, experience and dedication are the winning weapon of IMS.


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