Talent in action by IMS: Elena Marangoni

Elena Marangoni, IMS General Manager, presents herself together with some of her employees, the heart and soul of the company that puts teamwork in the center of its business. IMS MICRONIZATIONS SRL is a well-known company from Milan that specializes in the micronization of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. Its success comes from commitment, work,

Talent in Action by IMS: Riccardo Cassotti

Riccardo Cassotti - Plant Manager and Qualified Person Riccardo Cassotti, Plant Manager and Qualified Person, is part of the IMS MICRONIZATIONS team since 2016. However, his relationship with the company started way earlier as a client: «Between IMS and I, there’s something more than just a simple work relationship. At IMS, I have two roles

Talent in Action by IMS: Luca Macchi

Luca Macchi, Quality Control Manager Luca Macchi, Quality Control Manager, tells us his experience at IMS MICRONIZATIONS SRL. After working for a big company, he joined a smaller one where the human component and the value of each individual are the basis of everyday work: «Quality control is the laboratory that verifies how the manufacture is

Talent in Action by IMS: Michele Urso Russo

Michele Urso Russo, Quality Assurance Manager e second QP Michele Urso Russo, who joined the company in 2016, tells us how his work at IMS MICRONIZATIONS SRL started in an unexpected way: « I will never forget the day of my first interview. The start wasn’t great because I arrived late, dirty and sweaty after

  • Maurizio Sabia

Talent in Action by IMS: Maurizio Sabia

Maurizio Sabia, IMS Micronization analysis laboratory Maurizio Sabia from the analysis laboratory talks about his experience in IMS SRL MICRONIZZAZIONI. «My name is Maurizio Sabia and I have been working in IMS as a quality control analyst since 2021. In particular, I deal with particle size analysis in order to monitor the quality of the

Talent in Action by IMS: Andrea Canarini

Andrea Canarini, operator assigned to the micronization of active pharmaceutical ingredients Today Andrea tells us about his experience in IMS SRL MICRONIZZAZIONI. "My experience in IMS began in summer 2020. I was immediately included in the production group with a lot of professionalism and respect. I found everyone's willingness to teach me the job and

  • Eduard Laze

Talent in Action by IMS: Eduard Laze

Eduard Laze, IMS Micronizazioni production department Eduard Laze from the production department talks about his experience in IMS SRL MICRONIZZAZIONI. «I'm Eduard Laze, I'm 43 and I've been working in Ims since 2013. I am a manufacturing operator, I micronize active ingredients including steroids. My best memory was at a summer closure, a process to

IMS Micronizzazioni

L’azienda IMS Srl svolge attività in out-sourcing nel campo della micronizzazione di polveri farmaceutiche e rifornisce i Laboratori Chimico Farmaceutici nell’area Europea. Fondata nel 1973, l’azienda ha sede in Milano ed occupa un’area totale di 2500 m² di cui 450 m² costituiscono l’area di produzione.

Certificata ISO 9001:2008

Autorizzata AIFA, approvata dall’FDA, accreditata in Giappone e certificata ISO 9001:2008 IMS offre servizi integrati nel trattamento degli API secondo i requisiti delle GMP. I processi riducono le polveri alla granulometria richiesta sino a un valore inferiore ai 5 μm. Le analisi condotte con l’utilizzo di tecnologia laser, garantiscono la rispondenza del prodotto alle esigenze di biodisponibilità e tecnica farmaceutica.